Looking for premium cycling bibs and cycling shorts that are affordable and go the distance? NeoPro has you covered.

We offer a wide range of men’s and women’s cycling bibs and shorts that champion durability, functionality and style. 

Reasons You’ll Love Our Cycling Bibs And Cycling Shorts

A Compression Band That Holds Up

Unlike other brands who use laser-cut grippers that quickly lose their elasticity, our cycling bibs and shorts feature compression bands that will endure for years to come.

Crafted from stretchy polyester, our compression bands hug your thighs and provide a snug fit all ride long,  so you won’t have to readjust your kit mid-ride.

And because they’re durable, you won’t have to worry about replacing them quickly (which saves you hundreds in the long run).

A Super Comfortable Cycling Bib Brace

At NeoPro, we value comfort, so our cycling bibs are made from lightweight, breathable mesh fabric. 

Our bib brace provides optimal airflow around your torso and moves with your body as you bend and turn.

Whether you’re admiring the view after climbing a challenging hill or beating your personal best on the track, you’ll always feel comfortable with our NeoPro bib brace.

Double Rear Paneling For Ultimate Coverage

If you’ve ever ridden behind someone with a thin cycling bib, you’ll know that double paneling along the rear is handy.

Our men’s and women’s cycling bibs and shorts feature a double lycra rear for extra cushioning and coverage. 

Now you can ride easy, knowing the only cracks others can see are the ones on the road!

Cycling Bibs & Shorts Made For Rides Big And Small

Our cycling bibs and shorts have been put to the ultimate test along velodromes and the mountainous ranges of the French Alps alike.

So, whether you’re enjoying a mid-morning ride in your neighborhood or competing in a cycling race, our cycling bibs and shorts will go the distance time and again.

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