Complete your cycling kit with NeoPro’s affordable cycling jerseys.

Our cycling jerseys are crafted from premium materials that go the distance. Explore a range of colorways and designs designed to let your true colors shine.

Men’s And Women’s Cycling Jerseys

Looking for a men’s or women’s jersey that fits well and doesn’t cost a fortune? Whether you’re taking to the road or velodrome, our premium cycling jerseys have been made with comfort and durability in mind.

Here’s why cyclists around the world are choosing our NeoPro cycling jerseys.

Crafted From Premium Fabrics

At NeoPro, we’re big on quality, which is why our cycling jerseys are made from high-quality polyester lycra.

Not only does this blend move and stretch with you, but it’s lightweight, making it super breathable. So as you sweat, stretch and push for your personal best, our cycling jersey will keep you cool and comfortable.

Our jerseys also have a UPF rating of 40, providing ultimate UV protection on those sunny days.

Mesh Underarms That Let You Breathe

Keeping cool while riding can make all the difference to your performance and overall cycling experience.

That’s why we’ve included breathable mesh underarms in the construction of our cycling jerseys. Crafted from 90% polyester and 10% spandex, our stretchy, durable mesh increases ventilation and allows your body to better regulate your temperature.


Durable YKK Zippers

Having your jersey zipper pop open mid-ride is far from ideal, so we hunted down the most sturdy zipper for our premium cycling jerseys.

After endless samples and tests, we landed on the YKK zipper, sourced from the world’s biggest manufacturer. This zipper is incredibly durable and won’t buckle under pressure when stretched or pulled.

High-Performance Sleeves

Our short-sleeved cycling jerseys feature elbow-length sleeves that sit below your bicep head. Not only does this additional length provide extra protection from the sun, but they’re also considered more aerodynamic.

How Should A Cycling Jersey Fit?

How Tight Should A Cycling Jersey Be?

We’ve crafted our men’s and women’s jerseys to be skin-tight. They should sit flat along your body and shouldn’t pile or bunch up in any areas. If it does, you may want to drop down one size.

An ill-fitting jersey isn’t just uncomfortable but can also cause chafing, which is the last thing you want when you’re cycling! We recommend finding a size that hugs you without constricting how you bend and stretch. Make sure it doesn’t feel too tight around your shoulders — especially if you’ll be layering.

What Size Cycling Jersey Do I Need?

It can be tricky to find the right size when shopping online, so we’ve created a size guide to make the process easier.

Because our cycling jerseys are made from polyester lycra, we’ve provided sizing ranges rather than fixed sizes to help you factor in their elasticity. When landing on a size, take a look at what size usually fits you well and measure your shoulders and waist. This should give you a good indication of what size to buy.Once your NeoPro Jersey is mailed to you (how exciting!), carefully try it on and see how it feels. Make sure to bend around and crouch in a cycling position. If you’ve purchased the wrong size, our Returns Policy can help you out. Just make sure your cycling jersey is in its original packaging, including tags.

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