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Full Black shorts with a simple logo on the butt panel and are designed to go with all our jerseys. These are shorter than our bibs and feature the famous chamois loved by all of you. They have a soft-cut front waist fabric and thick back elastic. 


Don't be sold into the facade of Laser Cut Silicone grippers that the big brands use. They might look better on first glance - but if you've owned these before you know they last a few months of use before losing their stretch and becoming loose around the leg.

Because of this, we use a double polyester band on the bottom that uses compression to stay on your leg. Polyester is well known for its durability - therefore these grippers will not only last you months - we know they will last the test of time and the test of your wallet.


Ever ridden behind someone and their knicks are thin? Yeah, we have too and sometimes it ain't pretty. We made sure when we developed our bibs that we had pre-dyed Lycra on the Butt Panel to make sure the only cracks you see are on the road.


If bibs aren’t for you, then our shorts have got you covered. These have been tested on long and short rides, on all terrain to ensure you have maximum comfort. Our unique lycra panel design helps to hold tight to the contours of your body while you move.


3,7,13mm sections, which means you’re protected where you need to be. Perfect chamois position - you don’t want it positioned too far forward or backward in your bibs because this can cause discomfort. Single channel front padding means no nasty pinching and makes our unisex design comfortable for both sexes. Chamois and saddle pressure points are related to sitting bone width and not your clothing size - we’ve got you covered with our chamois design. Whether you’re riding casually, racing, or ‘Everesting’ our chamois is tried, tested, and loved by thousands. *Our black and red chamois are exactly the same, we changed colour in late 2022.

We're here to make your life as easy as possible when selecting the kit you like. Anything purchased online must be returned to us within 30 days of purchase. We will provide a full refund to the original payment method and you can re-purchase the product that the correct product.


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