Triathlon Suits

Looking to enhance your triathlon performance? Explore our range of triathlon suits crafted for maximum comfort and optimal functionality.

Revamp your triathlon kit with our diverse range of tri suits, which boast dynamic design features and distinctive patterns. 

No matter if you're a beginner or a professional triathlete, our gender-neutral triathlon suits are tailored to assist all athletes in surpassing their personal bests. 

Affordable, durable, and expertly crafted, our unisex tri suits are the ideal support for your next triathlon race.

Our Cutting-Edge Tri Suit Design

The NeoPro Triathlon Suit is a game-changer in the world of triathlon apparel. 

Our suits come equipped with arm and leg grippers, expertly laser-cut to provide unparalleled comfort and grip without the discomfort of silicon rash or unsightly bulges. 

We've carefully selected soft and flexible materials that excel in all three sports, allowing you to focus solely on your performance. 

Our open-front YKK zipper design guarantees smooth zipping, while the breathable tri-specific chamois provides exceptional support throughout the race. 

Say goodbye to sacrificing comfort for quality with our groundbreaking triathlon suits, designed and crafted in sunny Brisbane, Australia. 

Our suits offer superior comfort and quality at an affordable price point that won't leave a dent in your wallet.

Choosing Your Tri Suit

At NeoPro, we recognize that every athlete is unique. That’s why we've designed tri suits in a wide array of colors and styles. 

If you’re looking to go bold, opt for our best-selling Flamingo Pink Triathlon Suit. Or, to keep things classic, the Noir Triathlon Suit is the way to go. 

What sets us apart is that we offer a unisex range of triathlon suits that cater to all body types, unlike traditional gender-specific suits. So, no matter your gender, you can be assured that our suits will fit you perfectly.

Upgrade Your Triathlon Experience with NeoPro

Our collection of triathlon suits caters to both men and women, showcasing various designs and colors to suit every style preference. 

Looking to overhaul your complete triathlon kit? Check out our range of triathlon clothing and accessories that will enhance your racing experience. 

Don't settle for less when it comes to your triathlon gear. Experience the unbeatable quality, style, and affordability that we offer with our triathlon suits. 

Browse our collection today and elevate your racing experience to new heights. 

Triathlon Suits | FAQs

What's the difference between a wetsuit and a trisuit suit?

A wetsuit is specifically designed for swimming, offering buoyancy and insulation. A triathlon, on the other hand, is extremely versatile. It’s designed to support you in all three triathlon disciplines: swimming, cycling, and running. 

How do tri suits work?

Tri suits are made from quick-drying, lightweight materials that provide support and comfort during swimming, cycling and running. They’re designed to reduce drag, optimize body position, and offer easy access for transitions. 

Can you swim in just a trisuit?

Yep, you can swim in a trisuit. They’re designed to be worn throughout the entire triathlon, including the swim segment. 

Do you wear a bra under a trisuit?

This really comes down to personal preference. Wearing a sports bra under a triathlon suit is optional, but many people choose to do so for added support and comfort. 

Are NeoPro's triathlon suits available in men's and women's specific designs?

NeoPro's triathlon suits are unisex and designed to cater to the needs of both men and women. So, no matter who you are, you can wear our triathlon suits and take your triathlon game to the next level.

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