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Discover our full range of men’s and women’s winter cycling jackets, specifically crafted to keep you warm all ride long. Our lightweight construction allows for a full range of motion while thermal insulation keeps the winter bite at bay.

NeoPro Offers The Best Winter Cycling Jackets, Here’s Why.

Premium Polyester Construction

Our thermal cycling jackets are made from breathable polyester along the front and back, allowing heat to escape as you work up a sweat on those long rides.

Their polyester construction makes them extra stretchy and durable, meaning they’ll last you time and again.

And, our funky designs and colorways let you stand out from the cycling crowd.

Made For The Sun And Stone-Cold In Equal Measure

Like all of our premium cycling clothes, our men’s and women’s winter cycling jackets have been tested in the hot Brisbane sun and the snowy French Alps in equal measure

Unpoppable YKK Zippers

Things can get a little tight sometimes, especially after too much Christmas pudding. Rather than replacing your whole kit to accommodate those extra belt notches, we’ve used premium quality YKK Zippers that can handle a bit of stretch and pull.

Supplied by the world’s biggest zip manufacturer, these iconic zippers pass our high standards and won’t pop or bulge under pressure, so you can still hop on your bike and know your winter cycling jacket won’t burst open.

Complete Your Winter Kit

If you love cycling as much as us, then you’ll agree that it isn’t just a summer sport. With the right cycling kit, you’ll be ready to ride all winter long, too.

Your winter cycling kit shouldn’t end with warm cycling jackets, and with NeoPro’s affordable prices, it doesn’t have to. 

Our full winter collection is intended for layering and pairs perfectly with our insulated cycling jackets, bringing you warmth, breathability and full mobility.

Compact Gilet

Extra chilly outside? Our gilets have been designed to slip over your winter cycling jacket to provide an additional layer of protection against the wind.

Our unisex design features a vest structure with three large pockets to home your essentials. Crafted from lightweight nylon, our gilets let you breathe and sweat, while still keeping your core toasty warm.

Winter Leg And Arm Warmers

Our unisex winter leg, knee and arm warmers provide the finishing touches to your winter cycling kit. 

Made from dreaded, fleece-lined lycra, they keep the warmth in and provide full coverage even when they’re stretched.

The NeoPro knee warmers and leg warmers slip comfortably under your cycling bibs or shorts, while the NeoPro full-sleeve arm warmers comfortably accompany short-sleeved jerseys alongside our winter cycling jackets.

A sturdy silicone band holds our warmers in place all-wear long, so you’ll never have to worry about readjusting mid ride.

And to bring your kit all together, reflective heat transfer logos increase visibility on those foggy rides.

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