• 100 days until France!

    Posted on by Sally West

    So the reason I'm doing all this training is because we are going to France in June. Since riding some more hills on the Gold Coast we've looked into the climbs we'll do in France. I have only been worrying about Alpe D'Heuz and its length and steepness and getting past the first part which everyone says is the hardest. Turns out col de la Madeleine is worse, steeper, harder and BEFORE we get to those famous 21 hairpin turns of Alpe H'Deuz.
    So I'd say the training I'm doing should probably be classed as panic hours, for 3 more months.
    We've never really been overseas except for small close by trips so this one is so so exciting for us. We will land in Paris and go to the Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysees and the café where the first ever Tour de France left from in 1903 - Café au Reveil Matin. We're saying in a place that reminds me of Madeline - Saint James Paris. It is like fairy tale accommodation.
    From there we go to Annecy and do the tour with Trek Travel, they supply the bike, the accommodation, the food, the sag wagon - everything. The accommodation and the whole experience really looks amazing. Check it out on Then we stay in Grenoble.
    We will spend 2 days in New York, there is so much to do and so little time but you've got to make the most of it all don't you. We've been told we should do a helicopter tour, which was something I hadn't thought of, along with all the normal tourist stuff. I managed to find some awesome accommodation ON Times Square with the view out our window of Times Square, I wonder if we will be able to sleep!
    From New York we go on to Orlando and Tampa for theme park heaven, the World Barefoot Centre and Big Cat Wild Rescue Centre in Tampa.
    Hopefully we can walk after all those mountains we climb in France! Less than 100 days to go until we leave!

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  • Don't wait for the hill to change.

    Posted on by Sally West

    On today's training ride, we rode up Mt Warning. After alredy climbing out of Currumbin valley. It was hot, oh so hot and even though there was a definite wind, it wasnt anywhere to be found once the uphill started.

    Have you ever been up Mt Warning?  Either on a bike, or gone there ever so early for a hike to the top to see the sunrise?  I'd  done neither before, so wasn't sure what we were in for. I soon found out. Why didn't I ride toward Tyalgum instead?

    There are very few hills that i havent been able to climb in my life and this unfortunately was one of them. It got so step, after id already pushed myself to get that far and I could see beyond the next corner and it just didnt let up. So I stopped. Turned around and set off for home. Nick being the mountain goat he is though continued on and made it to the top - however described it as the hardest climb hes ever done

    Since then its got me thinking, because one day and one day soon I'll get to the top of that bastard. This quote sums up this ride, and life, perfectly.

    " Running up hill is a bitch until you adapt to the hill. Then it's not. The hill is the same but you are different and as a result, so is your experience. Easy or hard is about you,  ot the hill. Don't wait for the hill to change."
    Check out our ride below on Strava and give us a follow!

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  • Conquering Mt Tambo

    Posted on by Sally West

    So for the past 2 weeks I have been what I'd like to call, a pro cyclist. Getting in the k's and living the life of a pro.  I guess I kinda though it would be .... easy? Not the riding, but thought I'd have so much time up my sleeve for activities, AND for all the cycling.

    To tell the truth, I am wrecked. Ruined, bonked, in the box - permanently. This I am possibly to do with the fact I've ridden for 31 hours in the last 9 days. The house is a mess, like I've  been working 80 hour weeks at work, and thats what it feels like. No time to do anything except ride and lay in recovery position until its time to ride again. Except for the fact it hasnt been 80 hours on my bike. THANK GOD. Oh god 80 hours on my bike in a week. My body hurts even imagining that.

    To achieve my amazing feat of 31 hours I have had some early starts (4am) , some extreme heat conditions (36 degrees for 4.5 hours up mountains) and discovered so many cool new places to ride becauae I'm not under a time constraint and worried about getting lost and being late for something. Ive found cycle paths with koala habitats,  dirt roads, bay loop extensions, safer routes to hill reps for peak traffic times AND a new cafe, that serves my latte in jar. Not a mason jar, just a normal jar. Excellent.

    I have a week left to ride as much as I want before a quick trip with friends and I'm genuinely concerned for what tomorrow may bring. I've got my eating routine for long rides down pat (blox and torq bars) and following a route that takes me out in a headwind and home in a tail (for a little reward, ya know) so I really should venture and explore while I can, those hours arent going to ride themselves! Because I know when I'm sitting in the office in 3 weeks time, I'll be pining for the days when I was a pro cyclist,  getting tanned AF and crispening up those cyclist tan lines.

    Wish me luck, if I don't post again I've surrendered myself to Mt Tambo.

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